Rustic enclosed, glazed, stone, wooden porches... be that as it may, country houses are an invitation to enjoy the outdoors, long desks and unforgettable moments. ¡ Get some air and get inspired!      LAID WITH CURTAINS
A rustic covered porch is the best option to extend the summer desks. If you add a lot of green and some fiber details, like this ottoman or carpet, you won’t want to go anywhere else! On your bench everyone fits. And its white curtains set an evening of relaxed breeze, which should never end.        A VERY COOL RUSTIC PORCH WITH VIEWS
The white painted canopy deck gives a very personal feel to this rustic porch overlooking the sea. Light-toned textiles also play a very important role: they bring light and warmth to the space. And the table with a wooden bench and the three fiber lamps are the differential touch.          THE PORCH DECORATED WITH CUSHIONS
The textile of this porch gives a bohemian and relaxed style to the space. Copy the look in your cottage and you will get time to stop, relaxing on a beautiful porch decorated with benches and cushions.          A CLASSIC PORCH WITH MASÍA AIR
This classic porch looks centuries old, but it’s not even 10 years old. The architect Pedro Jiménez built it inspired by the traditional porches of the farmhouses, thanks to the arches and turns and mud floors. ¡ How cozy!          A PORCH WITH BARABACOA TO ENTER TO LIVE
It has a living and dining area, space for cooking, a flexible living area and well-thought-out lighting. On this porch with rustic barbecue the hours fly by without going into the house because it has everything. And, above, it is in the South. What more can you ask for? This property is managed by Marbella Club Hotel Golf Resort & Spa. Don’t miss every detail of this porch to enjoy day and night.




The styling in decoration tries to bring aesthetic harmony around a space to achieve more balanced and visually more aesthetic environments. If we put this into fashion, we might find it easier to understand. When a fashion stylist works styling with a model or anyone else, he or she selects clothes, accessories even makeup according to the image or style he or she wants to achieve. In decoration the same thing happens, starting from a house with defined and decorated materials, the stylist in decoration selects complements and orders the existing ones to obtain the desired image. Unlike the decorator, he does not design the space nor does the furniture only work the required image through the complements       The stylists in decoration work mainly for decoration magazines, commercials, television, etc. However there are many facets that develops in the real estate and events. Even some private clients request a specific service that without them knowing it is a styling job. They have their houses furnished, but some see them unfinished, others recharged or outdated or simply without any definite style. Styling allows us to create different atmospheres or sensations according to the image we want to offer.  The main tools of a stylist in decoration are accessories, carpets, textiles, paintings, mirrors, etc.. Through the composition of the complements and the use of color we get spaces       Therefore, according to the work to be done we differentiate the work of a stylist of decoration in the following types: Editorial styling : is the one we do to make house reports or show new trends.
Advertising styling : for advertisements, catalogues and professional websites.
Event Styling : We perform at private or corporate parties.
Home styling : for private homes and shops.   There are many resources that a stylist uses to beautify a space but we must take into account that some of them are designed to create sensations and not to be lived. For this reason, when we work on the styling of a home or an event we must delve into the aesthetic and functional unit. If you need a styling service or more in-depth on this topic, please contact us. 675 403 600
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